Our Team

DSC_6075Denise Chadwick Wright, LNHA

Administrator, Stoddard Baptist Global Care

  • Two years of service to Stoddard
  • MBA, Health Care Administration, Eastern University

Ms. Wright has over 20 years of operation and management experience providing services to the elderly population in both acute rehabilitation, and in assisted living and nursing home environments. She received the 2012 “Facility Leadership Award” from the American College of Health Care Administrators and served as the Treasurer for the District of Columbia Health Care Association that same year. She has served as a member of the American Health Care Association’s (AHCA) Customer Experience Committee and is a graduate of the 2014-2015 class of AHCA’s Future Leaders class. She also has five years’ experience as an adjunct professor teaching health administration courses in the School of Health Sciences at Stratford University.

“Growing up, I was surrounded by my grandparents and elders in my neighborhood, who were part of my extended family. I enjoyed listening to the recollections of history and life experiences, which I found to be intriguing. As I look back, my passion of caring for our elders was always present and has been strengthened over the years through my life experiences. I grew up in an environment where my family had the opportunity to care for our elders in the home and provided support to our elders in the neighborhood.”


robinsonLinda Robinson, RN, BC

Executive Clinical Director, Stoddard Baptist Nursing Home and Stoddard Baptist Global Care

  • 11 years of service to Stoddard
  • BSN, Western Illinois University

Ms. Robinson has over 25 years of acute care management experience and service to the elder population. She has actively served as a member of the Director of Nursing Association in the District of Columbia.

“I was raised by my grandmother during the first six years of my life. She was an excellent role model and the values that she taught me have remained with me for my entire life. She was very compassionate and read the Bible frequently and she me to ‘always treat people the way you would like to be treated.’ I believe the teaching she provided me had a positive impact on my career as a nurse. To this day, I have a passion for providing care and service for the elders.” 

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