Download Admissions Packet

We know that the decision to move your loved one from their home to ours can be challenging. So help us help your loved one with the transition by bringing any of the following items with them:

Family Photos
Photos help ensure your loved one will be surrounded by family.

Favorite Blanket
Something familiar to snuggle up with will help ease the transition.

Favorite Slippers
Everyone has that one pair that they love.

Comfortable Clothing
Your loved one may be receiving rehab services and we have lots of fun. We want to make sure they are comfortable and ready for activity. (Keep it simple! Rotate the clothing according to the season! Our closets may be smaller than yours.)

Maybe there is a chair or recliner that your loved one always sat in while watching their favorite programs or reading their favorite books. (Please not too big – we have to have room to keep your loved one safe.)

Does your loved one crochet or knit? Are they a painted or a reader? Bring the things they enjoy doing.

To learn more about the admission process, please call (202) 541-6270.